Coaching for Success Master Class

Master Class: Coaching for Success

This 2 day Coaching Master Class, Coaching for Success led by Managing Partner, Susannah Clarke, will change how you approach conversations with your staff, colleagues and even your customers, giving you more time to do your job, avoid surprises and be successful.

Also delivered as part of the PMI Master Black Belt, the two days will be experiential with opportunities to practice coaching conversations as well as observing from others. There will also be a few surprises along the way!

Executive and business coaching is about helping a person achieve their full potential. To succeed it requires commitment and a desire for positive change and continued for as long as it is found useful. Just as with the whole organisation, the work of personal transformation is continual. There is no finish line.

Susannah Clarke

Using a coaching approach with your team can transform how you lead and what you can achieve with your people.

It’s a fact, not just something I’ve read about, or have seen happen. I have experienced this with my own teams and reaped the benefits, hence my enthusiasm.

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