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Realise the potential of data insights in your business with our Data Analytics and Insights Practice. Bring clarity to the confusion, leverage the true value of the data you hold to really understand what your processes and customers are telling you, so that you can effectively measure and improve your business performance. We exist to help you understand and use the stories contained within your data so you can make better informed decisions.

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Common challenges with data

Businesses are generating more and more data, and struggle to make effective and efficient use of that data: the capture, analysis and gaining of insights. They don’t know which data truly matter, what is worth capturing, what they capture, but don’t.

Data is more often used for measuring business performance purpose and less so for improving business performance, hence we also see that there is a need towards deploying visual management of the way the business operates, which requires robust and reliable data.

The future is full of data

We are seeing an increase in interconnectedness and data generation. Today, we are surrounded by data capturing sensors: the smartphone, step counter, heart rate monitors, home security and energy monitoring systems, social profiles etc. One prediction states that by 2050 we will have 10 trillion sensors on this planet – about 1000 sensors per person. We often work with organisations who are still struggling with capturing the benefits from this, hence a massive risk is paralysis by analysis.

Additional Services

An overall assessment of how capable your measuring processes are for either your inputs or outputs, be it products, consumables or transactional deliverables.

Specific studies to assess the quality of your measurement methods, gauges and processes.

Measuring repeatability and reproducibility of your measurement processes.

How to ensure robustness in your subjective quality assessments.

One key growth area for MSA (measurement system analysis)  is to focus on your tier 1,2 or 3 supply chain. We assist in the improvement of their products or services to you.

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