Delivering performance improvement through process management

Since 1984, we have been enabling our clients to improve their business performance by translating their aspirations into tangible actions.  We do this by creating the links between strategy and people’s daily work; we call this Performance Improvement through Process Management.

Transform your Goals into Results

Working across all functional areas, with every kind of performance challenge, we enable you to improve your business performance through better processes and more engaged people, and we would love to show you what we can do.


Total focus on achieving real results, walking the talk of performance improvement.


Genuinely committed to client success, doing what’s right, saying what’s needed, seeing it through.


Expert, experienced and deeply immersed in our philosophy, methodology and practice.


Hearing what systems, processes, people and customers are saying, gathering and analysing data.


Beyond training, sharing skills and knowledge, leaving a legacy of capability.




Our approach

The interventions we create with clients are rooted in Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge; a method of transforming people’s understanding of organisations, relationships and decisions. It allows leaders, managers, change agents and consultants to benefit their organisations in ways they never thought possible.

Our interventions integrate the four parts of the:


Systems thinking: Understanding the system as a whole and the inter-dependencies within it, and considering how to optimise it over time.

Understanding variation: Learning how to allow for variation when making decisions and learning, and focusing on getting processes on target with minimum variation.

Theory of knowledge: Understanding how individuals and organisations learn and coming to see knowledge as a series of useful models or theories with boundless scope for testing and improvement.

Understanding psychology: Learning what makes people tick in order to lead and involve them in organisations.

System of Profound Knowledge

Deming's System of Profound Knowledge

The improvement cycle

PMI Improvement Cycle

Our own unique methodology

Over the past 30 years we have developed and improved our universally applicable Improvement Cycle, which combines the best of Lean, Six Sigma and Deming thinking.

It is capable of supporting a tailored approach, that will work within your specific organisation. In this way we can achieve successful projects by creating an common language which is specific to your organisation, enabling team discipline, providing a solid basis for project review and inspiring purpose and a sense of self-sufficiency.