Essential tools for improvement - online course

Learn some great continuous improvement tools

Essential Tools for Improvement

Essential continuous improvement tools to help you achieve excellence

Learn about continuous improvement in the ‘Essential Tools for Improvement’ online Lean and Six Sigma course. The programme is an online learning collection offering an effective and easy way to understand and learn the tools, techniques and principles of Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement.

Each tool is explained individually in a self-contained e-Learning module illustrating the key theories using real-life examples.

The Essential Tools for Improvement modules are for anyone who wants to understand the individual tools in greater detail. They can be used by individuals at any level of an organisation either at “point-of-need” during a process improvement initiative or as general learning and support.

MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: Essential Tools for Improvement is available in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Ask for details.

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