Lean Six Sigma Foundation Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Foundation Green Belt

Laying the best possible foundations for improvement

This 5 day Lean Six Sigma Foundation Green Belt programme provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental tools, techniques and project management structure for delivering lean six sigma improvements. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to lead a small scale improvement project within a department or function as well as effectively support much larger projects. Your prime focus will be on identifying, understanding and eliminating variation and waste in business processes enabling you to deliver value from the first day back in the office.

The Lean Six Sigma Foundation Green Belt course is based on 30 years of PMI’s experience and has a depth and breadth of content that can generate a rapid return on investment and a potent organisational resource.

Throughout the week, you will discover how to define and streamline a process, understand process improvement, use control charts to make more informed decisions and lock in the improvements you made with process standardisation.


Ways to experience this course

“This was an excellent course, encouraging me to look at work problems
in terms of the process, and providing robust tools to do something about it.”
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Course DatesDurationWave RefCityCountryBook
GB100 Week 1 - 11/11/2019
5 DaysGB100FBirminghamUKBook Now
GB101 Week 1 - 03/02/2020
5 DaysGB101FBirminghamUKBook Now
GL102 Week 1 - 16/03/2020
5 DaysGL102FLondonUKBook Now
GB103 Week 1 - 30/03/2020
5 DaysGB103FBirminghamUKBook Now
GL104 Week 1 - 18/05/2020
5 DaysGL104FLondonUKBook Now
GB105 Week 1 - 08/06/2020
5 DaysGB105FBirminghamUKBook Now
GL106 Week 1 - 07/09/2020
5 DaysGB106FLondonUKBook Now
GB107 Week 1 - 28/09/2020
5 DaysGB107FBirminghamUKBook Now
GL108 Week 1 - 09/11/2020
5 DaysGL108FLondonUKBook Now