Managing & Influencing Stakeholders

Managing and Influencing Stakeholders

Managing and Influencing Stakeholders (a CQI and IRCA Certified Training course) is a 3-day programme that will equip you with the skills you need to enhance your own performance and deliver business results.

At the heart of any successful change programme is your ability to manage and influence stakeholders successfully, whether they are your customers, leaders, external partners or suppliers.

Leading change is both an art and a science. It requires you to employ a range of skills to open doors, engage others, increase their readiness to change, overcome resistance and build trust and a range of practical tools to help you do that.

By attending this certified course you will develop the skills and capability to influence and manage stakeholders and through a range of tools and techniques effectively increase their readiness to change and overcome resistance.

Drive effective and sustainable change

  • Develop theories on how to effectively communicate with stakeholders
  • Use questioning techniques such as open/closed questioning, reflecting, paraphrasing, mirroring, clarifying
  • Develop your ability to gain commitment to change and build trust and rapport
  • Develop and apply effective listening skills
  • Understand how to contract with stakeholders/customers.

Ways to experience this course



Factors affecting readiness for change

Creating trust is a vital part of enabling change in your organisation. There are two aspects to trust; 1) belief in the work and the results you are aiming for and 2) belief in the people working to co-create that result.

Managing and Influencing Stakeholders