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How to Map a Process – Lean Six Sigma Webinar

map a process webinarHow to Map a Process webinar is part of the Lean Six Sigma White Belt webinar programme.

This highly interactive, consultant-led, fun and engaging Lean Six Sigma webinar will help you to understand how your work, works, the inputs and outputs of your processes and then how to flowchart the process to enable others and yourself to understand what is going on.

Map a Process webinar suitability

This Lean Six Sigma webinar; ‘How to Map a Process’ is suitable for anyone interested in developing an introductory knowledge of the tools including;

  • Improvement team members wanting to enhance their contribution to an improvement initiative
  • People responsible for writing supporting process or standardised documentation for ISO9001 Standards
  • Managers wanting to know more about the tools
  • Managers wanting to know more about how to define processes in ISO9001 quality systems
  • Practicing improvement leaders who want to be able to train this tool themselves using our Self-Delivery Workshops

By attending this Lean Six Sigma webinar you will be able to:

  • Define what you do
  • Understand how your work, works
  • Use flowcharts to enable others to understand what is going on and
  • Present the flow of work in a visual way that can be shared internally


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