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Master Class: Benefits Realisation

In the Benefits Realisation Master Class, Senior Consultant, Marie-Clare Pedersen, tackles one of the key reasons why initiatives fail – because the benefits don’t get fully recognised and the non-quantitative value can get lost.

One of the main reasons why improvement initiatives can fail is that non-monetary ‘value’ is often more difficult to demonstrate.  Costs are normally fairly easy to see but other value gets lost somewhere in the accounts.

In this Master Class we ask some key questions about how the improvements you are making or planning get recognised by the organisation.

  • Do you shy away from discussions about improvement project/programme benefits?
  •  Do you find yourself trying to convince others that the benefits outweigh the costs?
  •  Do you struggle to demonstrate the link between the outcomes of improvement projects and the goals of the organisation?

By understanding more about the process of benefit realisation, how it overlays the improvement process and the ways in which organisations account for their operations you will be able to have more constructive discussions and clearer visibility as to how your improvement activities are contributing to the overall goals of your organisation.



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Marie-Clare Pedersen

My life in improvement began as a result of realising that the direction of an organisation cannot be changed by comparing what was spent versus the budget/forecast at the end of each month.