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How to Standardise a Process – Lean Six Sigma Webinar

Standardise processesLean Six Sigma Webinar

The ‘Sustain your successes – How to Standardise a Process’ webinar is part of the Lean Six Sigma White Belt webinar programme.

This highly interactive, consultant-led, fun and engaging Lean Six Sigma webinar will help you to sustain improvements, make your work more consistent and give you the tools to help develop team behaviours that are conducive to success.

Attend this How to Standardise a Process webinar to: 

  • Learn a technique that will allow you the best chance to work with others to gain ‘buy-in’ and engagement in working to a standard process
  • Engage others to help you:
    • Sustain improvements
    • Make your work more consistent
    • Increase reliable results
  • Gain consensus to allow for sustainable success and the best way of performing the process

This webinar is suitable for anyone interested in developing an introductory knowledge of the tools including;

  • Improvement team members wanting to enhance their contribution to an improvement initiative
  • People responsible for writing supporting process or standardised documentation for ISO9001 Standards
  • Managers wanting to know more about the tools
  • Practicing improvement leaders who want to be able to train this tool themselves using our Self-Delivery Workshops

Complete all 6 webinars in the programme and become a certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt.

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