Strategy Cascade and 7MP Tools Master Class

Strategy Cascade & 7 MP Tools Master Class

This three-day Strategy Cascade & Seven Business Management and Planning Tools Master Class (also called Policy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri) will demonstrate not only the methodologies and disciplines required but also explores the issues a practitioner might face when implementing this approach.

The seven management and planning tools developed in Japan five decades ago, to facilitate planning of major projects (also known as the seven new quality tools) are ideally suited to the development and cascade of strategic business plans.

Aimed at any manager, supervisor or leader who wants to benefit from knowing more about how to cascade a strategy or use the Management and Planning Tools in this context. Once completed you will be able to facilitate the implementation of the ‘strategy cascade’ process to deploy your business strategy.

Warren Knight


The session is led by PMI Director Consultant and Head of Strategy Practice, Warren Knight, an expert in strategy and Hoshin Kanri.

This three-day course is part of the Master Black Belt programme so completing this qualification will take you one step closer to achieving Master Black Belt status.

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