System Leadership Workshop

System Leadership Workshop

A System Leadership Workshop will enable your executive team to lead a profitable and sustainable business both now and in the future.

This two-day workshop allows leaders to understand the role of leadership in a systems approach.  They will be equipped to understand how to start with this approach and apply it to their organisation in order to achieve sustained improvement in organisational performance.

This workshop is for:

  • Organisation leaders who want to know more about how transformation can improve their organisation
  • Change Leaders and strategy managers who are charged with leading their organisation’s transformation
  • Executives and Quality Leaders who are looking to improve organisational performance through the ISO9001 Standard
  • Leaders who are interested in improving their organisational performance and then sustaining the improvements
  • Executives interested in a Systems Thinking approach to leadership

Ways to experience this course


After this workshop you will be able to answer the following questions:

What does a transformed organisation look like?

What is the difference between traditional leadership roles and the role of transformation leaders?

Where is my organisation now?

How do I start my journey of improvement?