Project Challenge Expo 2013: Susannah Clarke presents Master Class

Author: PMI

Susannah Clarke Presents Project ChallengePMI’s Managing Partner, Susannah Clarke, recently presented at Project Challenge Expo 2013 with Milestone’s Douglas Haig, on ‘Stable Capable Business Processes are the Foundation for any Successful Project implementation’.

Susannah’s presentation focused on how the world’s most successful businesses can predict the performance of their key processes, and can therefore manage risk across the organisation, or implement new projects with confidence.

Susannah went on to talk about how they are in control across the system, from supply chain management through the core to customer relations, from enabling processes to developing strategy. Any of these processes that are unstable, and hence incapable, generate confusion in every day operations and chaos when being changed. This is the routine experience in most major projects.

Susannah and Douglas shared examples to illustrate their principles for building stable, capable, process management which are based upon decades of experience across the world and are universally applicable to every aspect of the organisation. From a rapid current state assessment to a powerful daily process management discipline, the audience were given the foundations required to enable future project success.

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