Warren talks ‘Tampering’ at Shirley Parsons Golf Day

Author: Warren Knight


PMI’s Director Consultant and Head of Strategy Practice, Warren Knight, presented an interactive session last week at the 12th Shirley Parsons Invitational Golf Day today on the subject of tampering –  the effect it has on the quality of our work, how it creeps into our golf game, and how we can avoid it.

Shirley Parsons are global leaders in HSEQ (health, safety, environment and quality) recruitment, search and staffing services. The Golf Days have been devised as a fun and informative networking opportunity for senior health and safety professionals.

In his presentation Warren, himself a keen golfer, looked at the ‘cruel truth’ that applies to the golfer as much as it does in our work; that sometimes when we try our hardest to make things better, we actually end up making things worse. Golf is a process: it is a set of activities that transforms a set of inputs (the golfer, the club, the ball, the environment, the rules etc) into an output – a ball that has travelled x distance, on y trajectory. And just like our work processes, players needs to learn how to operate the process.

And the take home? If you don’t tackle the root cause of a problem but simply try to make changes each time, you are tampering and as such, will ensure that the non-conformance will happen again, or perhaps get even worse!


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Tampering is covered in PMI’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt.