Working with the Grain Second Edition Published

Author: PMI

Front cover of Working with the GrainWe are pleased to announce the latest addition to our successful and popular range of publications. The second edition of our renowned book on Management and Leadership is published today following the far-reaching successes of the first edition.

Working with the Grain; Uncommon sense for leaders is written by Jan Gillett and Jane Seddon whose years of experience has shaped this edition of the book which defines and proposes improvement and transformation approaches. This indispensable guide for managers explains how leaders can transform their organisations to become more efficient and provide a better service to their customers.

Deputy Chairman Jan Gillett said of the new edition:

This second edition is a complete and comprehensive revision following feedback from readers and practitioners. In this edition we have been able to synthesize our key principles and methodologies used to guide those who wish to take leadership of change.”

The book is available now from Amazon with a digital edition to be published this Autumn.

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