Recommended Reading

Useful reading relating to Dr. Deming

Reading: Out of the crisis



Out of the Crisis.Deming W.E(2000 2nd Edition)

MIT Press. 978-0262541152

Dr. Demings’ definitive work from the mid 1980s. Open it at any page and you will find invaluable insights. Although it is inevitably inclined toward the US in the 1980s, it remains highly relevant.

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Reading: The new economics



The New Economics. Deming W.E (2000 2nd Edition)

MIT Press. 978-0262541169

In this book Deming explains his System of Profound Knowledge

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Reading: The deming management method


The Deming Management Method. Walton M.(1992)

Mercury Business Books 978-1852521417

An accessible guide to putting Deming ideas into practice.

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Useful reading relating to Systems Thinking

Reading: Profit beyond measure



Profit Beyond Measure. Johnson H.T and Broms A. (2000)

Prentice Hall. 978-0684836676

A personal exploration of the implications for top managers in accepting lessons from Toyota and transforming toward more emphasis on how things are done as opposed to only thinking about targets and results.

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