The benefit of PMI’s methodology

In this interview Professor H. Thomas Johnson describes the benefit of the PMI methodology having witnessed large consulting firms in action.


Working with PMI

The emphasis in [PMI’s] work on process management appealed to me. Because I was at that time I had been very much influenced by Edwards Deming and was also doing a lot of investigative work at Toyota in their plants particularly in North America, and also in Japan, Australia and South Africa. So I was very much steeped in the idea of process management as Toyota for years and years talked about it,as Deming talked about it and I could see that this was the key emphasis in PMI’s work.

PMI’s Methodology

Clearly they have a very well thought-out methodology that obviously builds a lot on the work that Deming did, they were influenced by him as far back I think as the mid or late 70s. There is a very definite methodological approach that evolved from that experience they had with Deming. […] I think some consulting firms are more influenced by the latest academic fad or the latest academic models that come out of universities, particulary out of the American MBA programmes. And PMI strikes me as a group of people , particularly Jan and Jane who are much more open to non-faddish influences, their thinking runs very deep and is not really influenced by the fads of the moment.

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Professor H. Thomas Johnson