The advantage of Green Belt trained employees

In this interview Dave Goodwin, Sanofi Aventis, talks about the benefit of having a large proportion of staff trained to Green Belt level in terms of both the detailed manufacturing process level and also when integrating work across suppliers and customers


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Dave Goodwin, Sanofi Aventis


Working with PMI

The advantage of the Green Belt training is that it equip me with a number of different tools and techniques and more business appreciation of how to undergo business improvement within the pharmaceutical industry. […] One of the biggest things that I took away from the Green Belt training was around statistical process control in particular how you apply control charts to your business. I was involved at the time with working within an analytical development team and had the opportunity to transfer this learning from the Green Belt training primarily using control charts for a new method that I implemented within the group. This gave me the ability to really use SPC, statistical process control, for improving the understanding and control of our processes in particular this new analytical procedure.

Systems Thinking

One of the really good things from the PMI training was really giving us the knowledge about thinking about things in terms of a systems approach and what I mean by that is really understanding the customers, through to the suppliers, the inputs, the core processes that you have within your business and the various outputs that you get from that process and obviously the impact on the customers. But not only in the systems thinking from the suppliers to the customer, but also some of the strategic things around, the strategic change aspects and also the ability of the support process as well to impact on the overall system.