The Value of Process Improvement

In this interview Mike shares his learning of the value of process improvement through his work PMI. He has seen not only his processes dramatically improve but also the work is gaining recognition from regulators


Working with PMI

Straight away we started to get some good immediate benefits, quick wins if you like. One of the things that we were engaged upon at the time, that was of vital strategic importance to us as a company, was getting approval for one of our drug products in the United States. And we had some real issues in terms of part of the process that we had to resolve. […] It takes years and there are many many steps and pitfalls along the way. But [Charlie] with PMI’s help was able to look at part of that process which was proving to be a real bottle neck to us in our manufacturing organisation and as a result of that, as a result of the improvements made, we were able to move the process on very quickly.

Engaging your staff

[PMI’s mantra that you should talk to your staff more] is one of the things that attracted us to PMI I think. We have had a firm belief in open communication here at Ipsen for a long time, every since I have been here anyway. And the fact that [PMI] were preaching that as being a very very key part of their process, gelled with us. We could see it straight away and it really clicked. I think that this is one of the things that distinguishes them in this area.

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Mike Harvey, Ipsen Biopharm