Change management, whether it is your processes, job roles, the structure of your organisation or the use of new technologies, needs your employees to embrace the change positively for the work to be successful, to deliver the results you need.


Successfully managing change requires not only the application of tools, but also constant care, control and communication – we can help you every step of the way.



Our Consultants are Change Management experts. When we work with you on your change management programme, we think about:

Alignment and communication

We help you create processes to understand your situation, by working together to develop ideas for improvement and communicating them across your organisation.
We also help create an environment where feedback from your people, suppliers, and customers can get heard, understood and acted upon.

Creating sound improvement strategies

We provide analysis and diagnosis for your plans and strategies, whether before launch or at critical review points. We also help you guide development of new plans to ensure you reach your goals through skilled change management facilitations.

Developing clear plans

  • What does your organisation need to accomplish?
  • How will progress be measured?

We help you identify hot spots needing urgent attention and develop plans to deploy resources to make improvements.

Delivering smoother mergers, acquisitions and disposals

We know that integrating or disposing a company requires judgment and sensitivity.

PMI offers a multidisciplinary approach to acquisitions and disposals, facilitating knowledge sharing in a safe environment and helping secure key players’ commitment to changes.

We help managers clarify the implications of change and work ahead to protect customers and your reputation in challenging times.


Working With the Grain; Uncommon Sense for Leaders – a comprehensive approach to getting better results for your organisation.

In the chapter entitled: What Must Change, the authors of ‘Working with the Grain’ present the argument for a new attitude to change and end with 5 key questions to ask yourself about the nature of change.

Written by PMI’s Chairman, Jane Seddon, Working with the Grain is a book about is about making radical changes to the way your business works, proposing improvement and transformation approaches that involve “working with the grain” of your organisation.



Our courses are designed to build your people’s capability in change management.

Managing Change and Leading Teams
Managing and Influencing Stakeholders
Lean Practitioner Yellow Belt
Online Yellow Belt
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


From leading teams, influencing stakeholders, running programmes of improvement, effecting rapid process improvement to being members of a team who are making the changes, we have courses to develop your people’s skills.



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