Change Management

Successfully managing change requires not only the application of tools, but also constant care, control and communication – we can help you every step of the way.


Make change work, not just happen

Trusted, insightful and responsive change management for every phase of your change programme is what PMI provides. From concept development, to transferring the ownership of improvement solutions from the project team to the process team, continuous improvement and on-going reviews, whatever your requirement, we are here to help.

A key aspect of successful change programmes is the ability to take all the people with you on the journey.


Alignment and better communication

We help you create processes to understand your situation, by working together to develop ideas for improvement and communicating them across your organisation.

We also help create an environment where feedback from your people, suppliers and customers can get heard, understood and acted upon.

Create sound improvement strategies

We provide analysis and diagnosis for your plans and strategies, whether before launch or at critical review points.

We also help you guide development of new plans to ensure you reach your goals through skilled change management facilitation.

Develop clear plans

  1. What does your organisation need to accomplish?
  2. How will progress be measured?

We help you identify hot spots needing urgent attention and develop plans to deploy resources to make improvements.

Making a re-organisation work

Restructuring?  Keeping it in-house or outsourcing?

Changing the way your work works doesn’t have to be chaotic.

We provide clear thinking to help your people and teams make sense of the situation, develop the best process solutions for moving forward and implement them across the organisation.

Smoother mergers, acquisitions and disposals

We know that integrating or disposing a company requires judgment and sensitivity.

PMI offers a multidisciplinary approach to acquisitions and disposals, facilitating knowledge sharing in a safe environment and helping secure key players’ commitment to changes.

We help managers clarify the implications of change and work ahead to protect customers and your reputation in challenging times.