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Generate truly effective strategies at corporate, business unit, or functional levels. Whether it’s a radical growth plan, change of direction or a reinvigoration of an established approach, our expert Strategy Practice can help develop, deploy and deliver your strategy to take your business to the next level.

Head of Strategy Practice, Warren Knight

Warren Knight
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Interconnected, responsive, sustainable

Successful leadership requires a strategic game plan that is interconnected, to all parts of the organisation, responsive, to the needs of your customers and changing markets and sustainable, so that your organisation is secure and can consistently deliver competitive results now and in the future.

PMI’s Strategy Practice services are designed to support you so that your game plan becomes tangible, practical and adaptable – a catalyst for transforming your vision into results.

A plan is not enough

Simply having a plan is not enough. It requires an interconnected and responsive system of processes, roles and competencies which drives the continual development, deployment and delivery of action. Once you see your business as an interconnected system, your strategy will not only be highly effective but adaptive and responsive to a dynamic operating environment. PMI’s system for strategic planning and execution; DEVELOP, DEPLOY and DELIVER, provides a defined leadership system that will enable you to successfully implement your strategy.

Additional Services

Hoshin Kanri is a tried and tested method for setting and cascading business objectives across and within an organisation. Starting with your strategy, we will work with you to develop the business aims and plan and manage improvement work in order to inspire and engage change.

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CASE STUDY: Strategic Year Plan through Hoshin Kanri

CASE STUDY: Strategic Year Plan through Hoshin Kanri

This trading house had ambitious growth plans for their customers. PMI were approached to work on the deployment of a midterm improvement plan – achieved using the Hoshin Kanri process.

MASTER CLASS: Strategy Deployment through Hoshin Kanri

MASTER CLASS: Strategy Deployment through Hoshin Kanri

Join Warren Knight, Head of Strategy, for this one day Master Class, in which he will demonstrate not only the methodologies and disciplines required by the process but also look at the issues a practitioner might face when implementing this approach.

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Deploying an interconnected strategy for growth

In this blog, Head of Strategy, Warren Knight, suggests that the leader that adopts an interconnected approach to strategy deployment will drive greater growth than a typical ‘top-down’ approach.

Everyone needs a game plan

Everyone needs a game plan

Head of Strategy, Warren Knight, explores the redefinition of strategy as a game plan, one that is practical and linked to manager’s challenges.